Monday, January 11, 2010

Musings by Wimmie

Well I'm not sure how long since I was here and sometimes not even sure where I've been since I was here.   Between this blasted cold air and all that needs to be done and all that demands to be done and the occasional...sorry the all too often power outage that seems to be the norm nowadays...maybe it really doesn't really matter where I've been only that I'm back here now and know that I am!!!!
   East Texas uaually treats us better than this with the weather.  Of course it is way too hot in the summer, but I can surely stand to be too hot more than I can stand to be too cold.   Its not only stressful just being too cold, but then if you turn the heat up so you can be warm enough then you are stressed out about how you are going to pay the electric bill or the gas bill or both.  They (whoever they are) say that stress will kill you and I'm on the verge of believing them.  There  is always something to worry about.  Not that I worry!  Maybe if I did I wouldn't feel so stressed.
I really need to study the Bible more, pray more, lose weight, exercise more,  work more to make more money,  get rid of more clutter and on and on and on!   So I think I'll go find something to eat while think on all this.
Seriously, I just hope each night as I pray and go to sleep that when I wake I'll know where I am and will be able to get out of bed and just do the things I need to do to take care of myself and whatever else comes my way that I need to do.
You know that God didn't promise us a tomorrow unless we believe in Him and accept Him as our Savior.
PhotobucketI have done this so I really don't have to worry at all.  Just keep my faith and trust in Him and He will do the rest.

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