Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Morning

Well Its Sunday morning and I'm sitting at home with full blown bronchitis.  I was fine (I thought) when I went to bed.  Guess not!!!   I had a busy day yesterday and breezed right through it.   Then last night before going to bed I made 2 kinds of dessert for the church Christmas lunch today.  I made the best chess squares and gooood brownies with fresh (BIG CHUNKS) black walnuts.  I have a friend in Tennessee who gets all the black walnuts off a big old tree and fixes them to use and give away.  I'm the happy recipient of part of that crop each time that she has them.  I've know her now for several years so we've been best friends for a over 40 years.   You would have to be a best friend for me to clean, hull, crack and pick out black walnuts and give them away.  That is exactly what she does and loves every minute of it especially when she hands them to you and says ENJOY with a big smile on her face.  She is a vegetarian and is a wonderful cook.  Can you tell...I love her very much.  Everyone needs a friend like her.  Well guess I've rambled enough but wanted to tell you about the good food.  Hopefully I'll feel a little better afterwhile and be able to get  some things done that I badly need to do.  You know like...laundry,cleaning,wrapping gifts,putting up tree and a little cooking.


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